What is that on the baby?

Some of you have asked what was all over the baby -- finger paint. Yes, finger paint.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And the award goes to.... Me? Gee, thanks!

I'm not a playa, I jus' crush a lot

My darling husband gave me my first award, and I am determined to find the time to accept it. I know that statement makes me sound self-important and vain, and I am, but that's not what I currently mean. I talking about how life is doing its damnedest to kick my ass.

First there's the unusual: My brother had a baby shower on Friday, so we had company (well loved and welcome) this weekend in our teeny, pink house. The Pumpkin Man's lips have developed this lovely new violet hue -- "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!" So we had to go to the doctor's.  The Peanut is losing weight (again), so we had to go to the doctor's, and make appointments for specialists. My (Ivy League) student teacher is a little rigid and petulant, which leads to lengthy conversations about the trials and tribulations of teaching in a poor, urban school.

Then there's the mundane: We didn't un-decorate from Christmas/Hannukah until last night. Peanut is potty training (read: laundry, laundry, and laundry). The Pumpkin Man is getting his molars (read: no sleep for the weary). We haven't slept in my house for three years anyway (if you have advice, kindly keep it to yourself -- after 3 years we've tried it, trust me). My students need letters of recommendations for college and their probation officers. My boss needs a hand with progress reports and cluster meetings have started again.

Add lesson planning, grading, being a mommy, and squeeze in a side of wife -- and you have the current state of my life. Anyway... back to the award. I'm not going to use my 10 on the obvious. So, I'll state them here -- my kids, my husband, my family in general, my brother in specific, my friends, money, books, music, art, rainbows and sunny weekend afternoons. There. Now, on to things that may say something about me.

Things that make me happy:

1. the sound of loons in the evening
2. my job (even if it is hard on some days)
3. the fact that my kids' doctor is very level-headed
4. the excitement of seeing wildlife in the wild
5. fresh cut lilacs, but flowers in general will do
6. Maine anytime except at the height of black fly season
7. weekend morning magical mystery tours with the family
8. water --  everything about it
9. clean bedding
10. and if I'm honest, a "romantic" evening with HM that ends well (wink) -- and if I'm totally honest, it doesn't have to be evening.

As for giving this award, I'm not going to bother anyone with my faint praise, as I have not been doing this nearly long enough to matter. But these are some of the people I enjoy most, and have become part of my reality. If any of you want the award, you have surely earned it in my opinion.

 People who deserve this award:

1. Lenore because she has the coolest, slickest blog I've ever seen. When the teenagers I work with act like they're too cool, I just take a take a reality check with Lenore. She is where it's at.

2. Allie  because she is is so brilliant and crazy that I can't wait to see what she'll do next. Besides, she is the funniest chick on the web.

3. Hossman because he's almost as funny as my husband. Almost. Besides, I think he makes HM a little jealous, which can't be all bad (see 10 on happy list).

4. Girl with a flour in her hair because her writing is so open that it inspires me to be honest, and her cakes look like they rock (my birthday is in June -- hint, hint).

5. Hadjare because I find her perspective refreshing, her writing clever, and her pictures adorable, and I hope to get to know her better. Besides, we both like Joy Harjo.

6. Last but not least, Viv . She almost didn't get it just because my husband gave her one. But what can I say? I adore her, and that's the simple truth.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mass College of Pharmacy's Burqa Ban -- No Good Can Come of This

I'm going to say something very unpopular -- the college 's original rule banning all face was racist and prejudiced and I am grateful that they rescinded it . I know people are scared, but that is no excuse. We as a nation need to remember the tenants of our own foundation and get back to our roots. We must embrace the core beliefs that make our country great, or we risk compromising our very identity in the act of asking others to compromise theirs. This is not the way to win a war on terror. It is a slippery slope that leads down the road of fascism. Eventually, we will be no better than the extremists we rail against. 

It is wrong to persecute and force assimilation on an entire people because of the actions of a few insane periphery radical extremists (there are an estimated 1.2 to 1.57 billion Muslims, about a quarter of the world's population). I understand that from a security point of view, if kids screw around, it's easier to address if you are able to identify them. But these are not children and this is not fashion. It is religion -- a cornerstone freedom in our great nation. And modesty is a cornerstone of their religion -- it's like forcing nuns to disregard their vows. There better be some mightily damning evidence that shows it is a necessary evil, because asking someone to compromise their religious identity is absolutely an evil: the Inquisition.

Just because it might make life easier doesn't mean it's right. Essentially, women are not terrorists. Realistically, terrorists have not been getting away because they have be wearing masks. Their is no direct causal relationship here. If someone can explain how on earth forcing Muslim American women to disregard a fundamental religious doctrine simply because it engenders  false comfort in non-Muslim Americans is not prejudiced, maybe I'll reconsider my position.

The theory behind the original ban is abstract at best. And in my mind, that is not a good enough reason to ask someone to disregard the orders of their GOD.

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