What is that on the baby?

Some of you have asked what was all over the baby -- finger paint. Yes, finger paint.

Friday, December 25, 2009

And It's a Wrap!

Christmas is over, and everyone is happy!

We were worried because last night my 2 year old turned into the scrooge. First, we spent the early evening trying to get her to help decorate the tree: "no, no Christma tree. No." Before bed, we asked if she wanted to put out cookies and milk for santa: "No, no cookies for Santa." Then, while tucking her in, daddy explained how Santa would come and leave presents: "No. No Santa comes. No presents. No Christmas. No." We were confused.

My daughter woke later than everyone else this morning (6:00 AM), which was a good sign that she was sleeping off sickness. When I went to get her, I reminded her about Santa: "No. No Santa in the pink house. Pink house is Daddy's, NOT SANTA'S!" Apparently in her mind, a visit from Santa is like a home invasion. Luckily, the wonderfully decorated tree and assembled baby carriage took the sting out of Santa's violation of our home. My perfect husband and I stayed up very late preparing for their special morning, and I might have lost it if she couldn't be just a little appreciative.  But no worries! She was my charmingly brilliant redheaded wonder all day.

Potty training, while being of secondary concern, surprisingly stayed on track for the day. Peanut had one accident, but otherwise used the potty all day. And the accident happened during the present opening frenzy, which is understandable. She loved her presents and could often be seen just gazing wide-eyed at the tree. It was amazing. Then my dear brother and his adorably round wife arrived and our little family opened gifts, told stories, and just loved each other. Things couldn't have been better.

My darling son only tried to kill himself 6 ways: choking (his MO), scaling down the sofa face first (a frequent stunt), pulling the tree down (festively dare-devilish) , eating mysterious inedibles (related to choking, but unique), provoking the dog (my personal fav), and wedging himself under the rocking recliner (awesomely scary). Well, 7 if you count deep-throating a drumstick, which is somewhere between eating inedibles and choking. Funny now, but then? Not so much...

He also bonded with my brother, his uncle and namesake. This was an important moment because my brother has trouble with babies -- he thinks they all hate him. In fairness, may do. This is because he's tall, loud and authoritative (think cop). However, he's expecting his first baby in February, and he's nervous. Not in a cold sweats, nightmare kind of way -- but more in a clumsy, my own baby won't like me until (s)he's older kind of way. I hope this morning was a confidence booster because he is going to be a wonderful father.

I just want to say out loud (figuratively) how much I need my family. I've always prided myself on not needing anyone, and now I do. I need all of you -- my perfect husband, my redheaded wonder, my beautiful daredevil, my dear brother, my adorable sister-in-law, the angel in waiting, and the "Aunties." I'm thankful that you've shown me what family is and that you are mine. I love you. You are my Christmas miracle, now and forever.


  1. Oh, Viv! Thank G_d. Every time you are gone for a while, I worry that your 3 year old has you duct taped in the attic. Don't scare me like that. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. I honestly can't think of a mom more deserving of a holiday. So, I hope you managed to get a little "me" time.

  2. Next year I am sure she won't be as Scroogy. Mine had no clue, and since it was the Dad's side of the family for Christmas this year it was a lot of "Jesus is the reason for the Season."

    Next year....things will be different. More clear. Even MORE fun.

  3. Happy New Year my Darling. I love you and I love the kids and that made 2009 a kick ass year. So there.

  4. Hadjare -- Thanks for reading and posting. I can't believe how much more fun this year was than the last. I hope you're right that it just keeps getting better. I'll come by your blog shortly!

    Viv -- Happy New Year!

    HM -- Forever and forever and forever.

  5. Okay, now I'm worried about YOU! I am guessing your absence is most likely a combination of those dead computers and going back to work. Um, would you please consider enabling e-mail like H.M. has, that way I don't feel like a total douche commenting all the time?

  6. This is what I keep telling her . . .


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