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Saturday, November 14, 2009

People Who Can't Do, Can't Teach.

I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long, but I've been reacclimating to work and  starting potty training with my 2.5 year old. Ugh.

So here's my latest rant: Why do people feel like they have to defend cops and firemen but openly attack teachers? Seriously, I want to know.

I love cops; my brother is a cop. I love firemen; my closest childhood friend is a fireman. I love soldiers; both my brother and my friend were soldiers. I love teachers; I am a teacher. Having said that (cue music: "three of these things" -- Sesame Street) ...

My brother and my friend agree with me when I say three of these groups need no defense, while the one group that actually needs support is often derided and dismissed.

No one attacks firemen. Firemen are the quintessential American heroes. Really, how can you attack this guy? I realize that he may not be a real fireman, but this is the image right? Or maybe this is just a present to the ladies who read my blog.

But really, isn't this what you assume is in those Firemen Charity Calendars? This is what I picture. Maybe I should buy one this year. It would be a write-off maybe?

Even if it isn't...

Sorry for going off track. I was distracted. Now, back to my point.

No one is currently going on record as anti-soldier. Anti-war? Yes. Anti-soldier? No. This is of course not historically true, but Vietnam wasn't that long ago and we seem to have rightly learned that valuable lesson as a society.

Few people attack the police, and they are largely disenfranchised groups with little to no voice, and cops have much more power in our society than most people realize. State troopers are like the cops in the movie Demolition Man in that generally everyone does what they say and trusts their word on its face, most of us treat them like they are incapable of doing the wrong thing even though we intellectually know they are only human.

Lots and lots of people attack teachers. We are called money hungry -- but on average we earn far less than most people with as much schooling as we must have. We are called glorified babysitters -- despite the fact that everything we do is grounded in research and designed to stimulate the growth and development of the human mind. We are called lazy -- yet I do far more work on weekends and evenings than most of the other professionals I know. We are treated like school marms with antiquated notions -- however, we are mandated to keep up with current research like any skilled professional.

All this and we are expected to live the private lives of nuns, while constantly being sent the message that anyone could do what we do. On the next snow day, when you are trapped inside with your kid (probably cursing the school's snow policy) remember that I do this every day. But I do it with 30 kids who aren't mine. Still think my job is so easy? As the Price Is Right used to say, "C'mon down!"

And in closing,  I'd like to say thanks, America. No, really... thanks for all your support.

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  1. I admire teachers so much. I've had some bad ones in my life and I've also had some really good ones that changed my life. But either way, I could not do what you do. Nope. No way. No how. It takes a special person to do it. I remember how difficult we used to make it for our teachers. Intentionally. I'd be one of those teachers that loses her job because she beat up all her students. Or used duct tape. :) I have a hard enough time with my three...


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