What is that on the baby?

Some of you have asked what was all over the baby -- finger paint. Yes, finger paint.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Husband Is A Lovely Sugar Doll-- And Now, So Am I

My husband gave me another award (I suspect because he thinks I should blog more), so here I am accepting it. Realistically, he couldn't have not given it to me since it's called the...

Anywhooo, I apparently have to tell ya'll 10 things you likely don't know about me. Here it goes:

The List:

  1. I had significant postpartum depression with my first child, but not my second.
  2. I was once engaged to my husband's friend, and we were all roommates
  3. I cheated on nearly every guy I was ever involved with except my husband 
  4. I once beat up a girl during my religion class in high school
  5. I have a thing for Jewish men -- Dreyfess (think Jaws, not Mr. Holland's Opus), John Stewart, Seth Green, Adam Horovitz, Adam Sandler, Adam Brody, Kevin Pollack, Paul Rudd, HM...
  6. I've traveled the country (twice), but never been to NYC and couldn't care less
  7. My first semester of college my blood alcohol level was higher than my GPA
  8. I hate subtitled movies and I don't care that it makes me WT
  9.  I once ate 9 Taco Bell Tacos in a 1/2 hour to win a bet against my husband -- for a dollar 
  10.  My dog died when I was young, and my father told me she went to live on a farm. I believed this until I was 28 years old because clearly any farm wants old, blind, arthritic Irish Setters. Right? 
Now, I get to bestow this award on someone. I know that this award is a silly little thing, but the woman I am choosing is not. I gave her the award because her breast cancer story touched me so much. It's just an arbitrary blog award, but I wanted to let her know that even though we'll probably never meet, her story has affected my life.
  1. Farida at Chapters from my Life for her touching post about her brave battle with cancer and the subsequent journey of self discovery. May I one day be as introspective and judicious.  


  1. Not deserving? Are you kidding me? This post was the highlight of my weekend!

  2. You did what? Fought . . . Cheated . . . dog?

    I thought I knew you.

  3. I am so touched by your kind gesture. Thank you for this award... I will soon be posting it on my page. We have massive power cuts and my work gets lost if I try something now.
    I was on Homemakers man blog through Alice's post and through his connection visited your blog. What touched me most about you was the mention of eating the lap noodle. I used to say to mom it was disgusting to watch the woman on baby food ad lick with her finger the food dripping near his lip and she would always say... "wait till you have a kid of your own" and she was right. I stooped as low as you ....

  4. I cheated on nearly every guy I was ever involved with except my husband -- Wow! That surprises me!!


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