What is that on the baby?

Some of you have asked what was all over the baby -- finger paint. Yes, finger paint.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I officially have the swine. Yup. Sucks to be me. I've been out of work for 2 days and I'll be out again tomorrow. I can't go back until 24 hours after the fever is broken without Tylenol. So far, that hasn't happened. I thought I was in the clear from 12ish this afternoon until about 7:00 tonight. But, now it's back. Still, other than the cough, I feel a good bit better. Maybe I be back to work by Thursday or Friday.

I called the woman who teaches next to me. She told me that my second period was nuts. I'm not surprised. They are nuts when I'm there. It takes every ounce of my teacherly being to keep them under control and productive in small spurts. Everyone knows this class is demented. The science teacher in my cluster calls them the worst class ever. The math teacher just shakes his head and calls them crazy. I've called home 50 times in that class, and 1st term just ended. So, it seems par for the course that they'd be psycho when I was out. Why no one thought they'd need some special attention is beyond me, but whatever. At this point, they are not my problem.

This painful, barking, hacking, seal-cough is my problem.  I think I hear the codeine calling...


  1. Just concentrate on getting better. You don't want to lose your voice to that cough, at least not before your return to second period. ;)

  2. Codeine did call, sweetie. I took a message.


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